Pharmaceutical Testing

Whether you are involved in small molecule pharma or therapeutics, Galbraith and Bureau Veritas offer a diverse selection of analytical services that cater to the pharma community.  New drug candidates offer to solve many of life’s biggest healthcare issues that plague overall quality of life.  New innovative products are transforming the lives of people worldwide, and partnering with us ensures that you will be ready to launch with confidence.


With ISO 17025 accreditation and cGMP compliant laboratories, Galbraith and Bureau Veritas are not new to the pharmaceutical testing scene.  Bureau Veritas has an established reputation since 1828 working in the testing, inspection, and certification space.  Galbraith Laboratories was established in 1950 as an analytical testing laboratory who has been performing pharmaceutical testing for the last 30 years.  Supporting pharma clients at all stages of the product development cycle, and across a wide range of areas from R & D to final commercial sales and release testing, Galbraith has particular expertise in many of the areas shown below.  For additional support or questions, please contact us for more information.

New Small Molecule Drug Development Process