Sample Submission Instructions

Analytical Request Form Download


Typically, all testing requirements are known; however, if the sample is an unknown or if you are unsure of tests needed, contact our technical staff. In addition, there may be more than one method for the parameter needed – if specific methods are required, please specify on the Analytical Request Form. If further instructions are required, please include letters, methods, etc. as appropriate.

Determine Sample Size

A reference table is available that lists some common tests, their methods, and the amount of sample required per analyte range. The amounts listed are only a guide and are generous in nature to allow for various methods and possible retesting. Keep in mind that for some sample types, we may not be able to remove the entire amount of a sample from its container. If your sample may be difficult to retrieve from its container, please send enough sample to allow for this process. 

If the sample is limited, please contact our technical staff for a calculation of a more precise amount. We will need to know the type of sample and the analyte range or required detection limit for each analyte.

Submitter Information

Sample I.D.  Provide your identification code for the sample. If you have multiple samples, list your sample ID’s separately on the same ARF.

Amount of Sample  Estimate the amount of sample being sent.

Report Results to (email)  List the name and address of the person to receive the report.

Phone Important! We need this in case we have questions.

Analytical Request Form

Please complete an Analytical Request Form as described below and submit it along with the samples. (One ARF will suffice for several samples if the information requested and the test requirements are the same.)

Type of Service

Turnaround Check the desired service level

Data Delivery  Check all that apply

Regulatory Information  Check the regulation that applies to this work. If the testing does not need to be performed under any regulations, check No Regulations.

Replicates Select the number of replicates that need to be performed for your sample.

Method of Payment

Purchase Order No. List if available. See below for additional information. 

Quote #  If a quote number was provided this is very important to ensure the testing is completed as quoted.

Credit Card Info  Required if you would like to pay your bill by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Regulatory Information

  • Check the regulation that applies. Contact us if you are not sure.
  • If the testing is not regulated, no indication is required.
  • We are an approved GLP/GMP facility.
  • Additional charges apply for handling samples for regulated testing.
  • If your provided theory values are regulatory specifications subject to an Analytical Investigation in the event of an OOS. Indicate this by checking “Yes” below the Testing Information table on the ARF.

Sample Information

  • For multiple sample, list your sample ID’s separately and the approximate amount being provided.
  • For sample composition, please describe the material in detail. Additional characteristics such as melting point (MP), boiling point (BP) or other known information can also be added to Notes & Comments.
  • ALWAYS provide a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when available. We understand that many experimental materials may not have anSDS available; however, we do ask that you provide us with sufficient information so that we can handle your sample safely.

Special Handling

Check any special handling conditions that apply. Note: “Dry before analysis’ is non-quantitative. For a quantitative loss on drying determination, cite LOD under the “Test” section. 


Analytical Request Form Download