Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to samples submitted to Galbraith Laboratories for Testing:

  1. Reference to Quotation Number – If applicable, please refer to the quotation number on the written instructions you submit with your samples. This is necessary to help us insure that all details are handled as agreed upon, including method identification.
  1. Acceptance of Quotation – Client may accept a quotation by submitting: 1) a written purchase order referencing this quotation number; or 2) samples and a completed Analytical Request Form referencing the quotation number.
  1. Submission of Orders – In addition to samples, orders should include a written purchase order and a completed Analytical Request Form referencing this quotation number. Credit approval is required unless credit has previously been established.
  1. Pricing Validity – Upon acceptance, the prices and terms in a quotation are firm through the date indicated on the document.
  1. Meeting Quotation Specifications: Periodic Review and Unearned Discounts -In order for the quoted discount to be applied, sample specifications and volume requirements as defined in this quotation must be met. Any variation in specifications or sample volume may result in the need for a new quotation if discount consideration is desired.

A periodic review will be done to compare actual usage to specifications and minimum volumes established in this proposal.  If actual usage is less than the minimum sample or sales volume specified in this quotation, Galbraith Laboratories may invoice the client for the value of discounts granted to Client but not actually earned.

  1. Additional Services (if applicable) – The following services are available at the rates shown. The discounts specified in this quotation will be applied to additional services unless otherwise noted.
Rush Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-5 day rush 100% surcharge (call for availability)24-48 hour rush 200% surcharge (call for availability)
Priority delivery of results. . . . . . . . carrier freight fees plus 25% surcharge
Certified raw data packages. . . . . see price list
Custom Regulated analyses. . . . 75% surcharge
Special handling of samples. . . . .(e.g. drying, grinding, handling under argon or nitrogen, refrigeration, freezer) see price list
Duplicate, triplicate or recheck analyses… see price list terms
  1. Terms and Conditions – All Standard Terms and Conditions, as well as other specific requirements, apply to this project. These items are described in detail in Galbraith’s current price list.  Any order by the Client shall constitute acceptance of Galbraith’s offer to do business under these Standard Terms and Conditions.
  1. Written Notification of Regulatory Requirements – Galbraith Laboratories, Inc. operates as a GLP/cGMP facility. However, because of the great variety and broad applicability of our methodologies, we do require written notification of regulatory requirements with each sample submission. We also recommend a thorough discussion of the project with our technical staff prior to sample analysis.
  1. Optional Reports and Summaries – Quality assurance information and method summaries are available at no additional charge. Raw data and statistical interpretations are available for additional charges depending on the format required and the scope of work.
  1. Payment Terms – Galbraith’s standard terms of payment are net 30 days. Any delays in making payment may result in revocation of the quoted discount.  We will be glad to discuss these terms in more detail, as they apply to your account.
  1. Additional Quotations and Proposals – Discounts are available based on number of samples submitted at one time or based on analytical work received in a calendar year. We would be happy to develop a comprehensive discount schedule.