Terms & Conditions


Analytical Request Form

Analytical services are ordered by submitting samples along with an Analytical Request Form (ARF).  The ARF can be downloaded here. For assistance with submitting an order, contact us at labinfo@galbraith.com or toll free at 877-449-8797.

Please fill out all sections of the ARF. A complete ARF will assist us in providing the best possible service.  An incomplete ARF will delay testing.  Because multiple test methods are often available, good information regarding analyte concentration or desired detection limits is invaluable for choosing optimal test conditions.  If retesting is required due to lack of information, additional charges may apply.

To help process your order, please request a pricing quote and indicate your quote number on the Analytical Request Form.

Practices / Techniques

  • Use good sampling techniques.  Test results are based on the sample submitted, which should be representative of a larger batch or lot.
  • Additional charges may apply if a sample requires special handling, treatment, or preparation.  Multiphase samples are homogenized as completely as possible prior to analysis unless otherwise instructed.
  • Clearly communicate any holding time requirements.
  • To determine how much sample is required, refer to your quote or contact us.  In general, the concentration of the analyte present in the sample determines how much sample is required.  For example, 10 – 20 milligrams is commonly sufficient if the analyte is present at a concentration of two percent or more.  For trace analyses (ppm), however, several grams may be required.  Be advised many test methods are destructive in nature.
Sample Delivery

Ship or deliver samples to 2323 Sycamore Drive, Knoxville, TN 37921-1700.  Deliveries are accepted Monday through Friday (except holidays), from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST. Samples received after 3:00 PM are processed the following business day.  Samples may be delivered at alternate times only by pre-arrangement.


Sample Retention

Samples are not retained for regulatory purposes. We retain hazardous samples for 30 days and non-hazardous samples for 60 days prior to disposal or return to the client. Water, sludge, food, perishable, and air-sensitive samples are retained under original storage conditions for 7 days past the report date. 

Hazard Information


A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) must accompany hazardous samples.  In the absence of an SDS, please provide as much sample characteristic information as possible.  We do not accept the following:


    Radioactive samples (>500 pci or >1100 dpm)

    Samples containing PCBs (> 50ppb).

    Controlled substances

    Pyrophoric materials that spontaneously ignite on air exposure.


Sample Disposal / Return

The sample remains the client’s property at all times.  Following the sample retention period, the sample will either be disposed or returned to the client according the instruction on the order form (ARF).  If the sample is not safe for disposal in a sanitary landfill, it is returned to the client.     Sample handling and return fees will apply.  Hazmat fees will be charged if applicable.

Turnaround Time

Galbraith Laboratories offers three turnaround time services.

  • The STANDARD service takes approximately 10 business days (15 business days for complete monographs).  Analysis completion time varies with the sample type, handling requirements and tests.
  • A RUSH 5 business day service (5 – 7 business days for complete monographs) is available at a 100% surcharge for most tests.
  • PRIORITY 2 business day service is available on selected analyses at a 200% surcharge.

Rush and Priority services may not be available for all tests. Please contact us for availability at 1-877-449-8797 or at labinfo@galbraith.com. Business days are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  Results are reported by email as soon as they become available.



Inherent in our service as an independent laboratory is the strict confidentiality of all work performed for any client.  No reports or copies of any laboratory document will be sent to anyone  other than the client unless written authorization is provided by the client by using the ARF form  or documentation on company letterhead.  Confidentiality agreements, as part of standard business practice for many clients, are routinely reviewed and accepted.


Standard reports are delivered in PDF format as an email attachment.  A hard copy of the report is provided by mail upon request.  The charge for expedited mail delivery is the carrier fee plus  25%. Certified raw data packages are available for $54.00 per sample (subject to rush surcharges), or a quoted price per batch of samples.


Raw data remains the property of Galbraith Laboratories, Inc.  We retain records for a period of 10  years, unless alternate arrangements are made by the client.



Methods, discoveries, procedures, and equipment developed by Galbraith Laboratories, Inc. for any specific project shall remain the sole property of Galbraith Laboratories, Inc. unless otherwise  agreed upon in a signed contract with the client.


All terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the state of Tennessee.  In the event of a  dispute relating to these terms and conditions, all parties will submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of any court sitting in the state of Tennessee and will comply with all requirements of that court.


We are committed to providing objective, unbiased services by consistently producing the most accurate data possible using advanced instrumentation backed by a comprehensive quality assurance system.  However, these services are performed without warranty or liability of any kind beyond the amount paid to the laboratory for these services.  GLI and its employees accept no legal responsibility for our client’s interpretation or use of test results.


Clients are responsible for all costs incurred by GLI while complying with subpoena requests.  Preparation of documentation, in-city travel for conferences and conferences by phone will be billed at $450.00 per hour.  Our fee for court appearances – regardless of a requirement to testify – is $3,600.00 per day for each employee plus expenses.  Travel days and non-court days will be billed at $1,800.00 plus expenses.  Subpoenaed data will be billed at a rate of $54.00 per sample and any expenses or services incurred beyond the standard raw data package.


GLI carries worker’s compensation, general liability, and property damage insurance.  A certificate of insurance will be provided to the client upon written request.  It is not feasible to  include our clients as additional insures on our insurance policies.  However, we carry sufficient liability insurance for the type of analytical service we provide.



In the event of default on payment for services rendered, the client is liable for all reasonable collection and legal fees.


If any of the provisions of these terms and conditions are found to be invalid or unenforceable in any respect, the remaining terms and conditions will be in full effect.


Standard terms of payment are net 30 days.  All fees are charged directly to the client listed on  the Analytical Request Form.  The billing of a third party will not be accepted without a statement, signed by the third party, which acknowledges and accepts payment responsibility.  Once laboratory testing has begun, the client must accept payment responsibility.  If a purchase order is required, include the purchase order number with your sample submittal.  To ensure pricing stability, please request a pricing quote.

Unless a credit account is established, fees must be prepaid or charged to a credit card. GLI accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.  All payments must be made in U.S. dollars.