Biotech/Life Science Testing

With rapid advances in biotechnology, cutting edge science, capital investment, and advanced Artificial Intelligence platforms right around the corner, the future of health care and medicine looks to have generational advances.  Bureau Veritas is here to help with all testing needs within the biotech/life sciences space.  New innovative products are transforming the lives of people worldwide, and partnering with us ensures that you will be ready to launch with confidence.


Although regulatory approval is a long road full of challenges, Galbraith and Bureau Veritas have established reputations both in the analytical services and in the testing, inspection, and certification spaces.  Galbraith Laboratories Inc., a Bureau Veritas company, has been helping perform regulatory FDA-GLP and FDA-cGMP testing for the past 30 years, supporting pharmaceuticals/biotech clients at all stages of the product development cycle, and across a wide range of therapeutic areas.  Galbraith has particular expertise in the areas shown below.

Biopharmaceutical Drug Development Process