Paper and Pulp Testing

Galbraith Laboratories has utilized traditional ASTM, ISO, and TAPPI standard methods for the analysis of liquors, paper, pulp, and tissues, for the past 70+ years!  As the industry moves towards more sustainable practices, exploring paper-based products is more important than ever.  Why rely only on petroleum-based solutions when there are more natural options available?  We specialize in testing advanced materials, including paper-based products, for a host of chemical properties, additives, and contaminants.


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Paper and Pulp Example Testing

Assays Heavy Metals Analysis
Carbon and Sulfur Analysis Ion Chromatography

Chloride Analysis

Metals by ICP-AES, ICP-MS, FLAA, GFAA, CVAA Analysis

Fluorine Analysis Nitrogen Analysis
Gravimetric Testing pH Testing
Halogen Analysis Total Suspended Solids
Heat of Combustion Analysis Wet Chemistry Testing