Industrial Chemical Testing


Galbraith Laboratories has been doing chemical testing for over 70 years!  We are ISO 17025 accredited with the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), and Galbraith employs many proprietary methods that allow custom testing, development, and method validation for most material types.  If an industry standard method is not available in your industry, contact us for solving your regulatory needs.  We offer full method development and validation services.


With thousands of clients worldwide and utilizing Bureau Veritas’ vast network of testing laboratories, we can handle all testing requests and volumes for industrial chemicals.  Let us help you manage things such as:

  1. Certificate of Analysis for Raw Materials
  2. Research and Development Testing
  3. Solving Your Manufacturing and Process Control Problems
  4. Lot Release Testing
  5. Product Comparison Studies
  6. Custom Method Development and Method Validation

Industrial Chemical Example Testing

Alcohol Analysis Karl Fischer Water Analysis

Melting Point Analysis

Boiling Point Analysis

Metals by ICP-AES, ICP-MS, FLAA, GFAA, CVAA Analysis

Carbon and Sulfur Analysis Metals Screen Testing

Chloride Analysis

Method Development and Validation
Chromatography Testing Moisture Content Analysis
Colorimetric Testing Nitrogen Analysis
Conductivity Testing Optical Rotation Analysis

Density & Specific Gravity

Organic Acids Analysis

Elemental Analysis

pH Testing
Elemental Impurities


Protein Content Analysis
Flash Point Analysis Residual Solvent Analysis
FTIR Testing Stability Testing
Gravimetric Testing Thermogravimetric Analysis
Halogen Analysis Total Organic Carbon Analysis
Heat of Combustion Analysis Total Suspended Solids
Heavy Metals Analysis UV-Vis Spectroscopy
Inorganic Analysis Volumetric Testing
Ion Chromatography