Food and Beverage Testing

The food and beverage industry is ever-changing, and Galbraith Laboratories is here to help you assure your products’ safetyGalbraith supports clients across the industry, from soft drinks to dietary supplementsOur company specializes in elemental analysis and trace contaminant testing in the food industry where testing, such as that for heavy metals or trace organic impurities, can adulterate a product or exceed maximum allowable levels for health and safetyOver the last several years, we have worked with many trade organizations to try and understand the sources of persistent organic pollutants like PFAS compoundsWe have a quick and rapid screening technique for organic fluorine for just about any sample typeFor more information, click on the page for the PFAS screening service. 




Food and Beverage Example Testing

Assays Karl Fischer Water Analysis
Carbon and Sulfur Analysis Metals by ICP-AES, ICP-MS, FLAA, GFAA, CVAA Analysis 

Chromatography Testing

Nitrogen Analysis
Density & Specific Gravity Optical Rotation Analysis
Fluorine Analysis pH Testing
FTIR Testing Total Suspended Solids
Gravimetric Testing (LOD, ROI) Viscosity
Halogen Analysis Volumetric Testing
Heavy Metals Analysis Wet Chemistry Testing