Meet Our Team


At Galbraith Laboratories, we believe in putting customers first. And we recognize that our employees are our single greatest asset in achieving this mission.

Laboratory Management

Vice President of Operations

Ryland Bates

I have been with the Galbraith team since 2007, and have enjoyed each job I have had here. What I like most about my current role as the Vice President of Operations are the wide variety of projects that I am able to be part of, and the direct impact my work has on our clients' experiences.

Laboratory Manager

Steve Tomanicek, Ph.D.

Galbraith’s diverse analytical testing capabilities, talented staff with a wide range of technical and scientific backgrounds, and strong reputation built on long-standing customer relationships and partnerships across a variety of industries are all key attributes that provide the foundation for the analytical services we provide to meet our clients’ specific testing needs.


Customer Services

Customer Service Supervisor

Cristina Cheie

I have been with Galbraith for over 8 years and have had the opportunity to work with and learn from professionals who have been here 20, 30, and even 50+ years! Seeing my colleagues’ commitment, to always exceed client expectations coupled with excellent teamwork, inspired me to take on the role of ensuring that our clients are provided with the best customer service we can offer for years to come!

Customer Service Representative

Susan Hendricks

I have been part of the Galbraith Team for over 3 years and loved every day. I am passionate about getting quotes out as soon as possible and helping clients beyond their expectations.

Report Production Coordinator

Debbie Robertson

I have been a part of Galbraith Laboratories for 40+ years serving our clients in various capacities. My job is making it easy and fast for our customers to get the help and information they need.


 Laboratory Services

Supervisor Chromatography

Hannah Fetters

Galbraith Labs is a small company, but it does a tremendous job to achieve quality results and service for its clients. It is wonderful to work with such a passionate group of people on such a diverse range of projects.

Supervisor Wet Chemistry

Aimee Gendreau

I have been with the Galbraith team for over 5 years. It has been a joy to draw on my experience from multiple testing backgrounds, including Pharma, Environmental, Chemical Repackaging and Corn-Milling, and apply this knowledge for the wide variety of samples we analyze at Galbraith Laboratories.

Supervisor Metals

Daphne Schmidt

I have been with Galbraith since 2011, becoming the metals department supervisor in 2020. It is a very dynamic and fast-paced environment that I am proud to be a part of.

Supervisor CHNOS

Andrew Ledbetter

I joined the Galbraith team in 2019 as a CHN analyst and became the CHNOS Supervisor in 2023. I have enjoyed working with a fantastic group of people in a quick paced and everchanging environment.
Quality Assurance
Photograph of Katie Thornburgh - Galbraith Laboratories Validation and Qualification Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Katie Thornburgh

I started working at Galbraith in 2012 as a chromatography analyst. I joined the Technical Services team in 2016 to lead method development and validation efforts. In 2022, I transferred to the QA team. The most enjoyable part of working at Galbraith is learning about and developing relationships with our clients and helping them meet their analytical and regulatory needs.
Technical Services

Validation and Qualification Manager

Brittany Miner

I have been a Chemist for over 15 years and a proud member of the Galbraith team since 2019. I am passionate about finding innovative solutions to provide quality results to our clients' most challenging analytical needs.

Technical Manager Metals

Daniel Hendricks

We are a team of chemists working in a business that is owned and operated by chemists, so it is a great environment. We really get to focus on the science and the quality of our work.

Principal Scientist

Andrew Lincoln, Ph.D.

With over a decade of research experience in Physics and Chemistry, I am passionate about learning new science and applying it to unique problems. Galbraith’s extensive testing portfolio has allowed me to learn something new every day and I am always on the lookout for new techniques to meet our client’s testing goals.

Technical Manager Wet Chemistry

Michelle McCurdy

The Galbraith team is like my second family. We do our best to extend the same hospitality to our clients!

Analytical Scientist, Validation and Qualification

Andrew Moore

As a scientist, the idea of solving problems and growing my understanding of chemistry motivates me. This drive has allowed me to quickly grow into new and exciting roles. Here at Galbraith, our team all shares this same passion and we strive to use our skills to meet the needs of our clients.

Technical Manager Chromatography

Kim Carter

I joined the Galbraith team at the end of 2022. I love learning about different analytical techniques and the variety of analytical needs our clients bring to us. Here no day is the same.

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