Submitting Samples

Submitting Samples for Testing

Ordering a sample analysis from us is easy!  All we need is the following:

Place the sample and documentation in a package and mail it to:

Galbraith Laboratories, Inc.
2323 Sycamore Drive
Knoxville, TN 37921-1700

We will send you a receipt acknowledgement when the sample arrives and you will receive a report within the turnaround time selected.

Chain of Custody Form

Regulated studies may require a Chain-of-Custody (COC) form.  Click here to use our Chain  of Custody Form.  Alternatively, we can accept your Chain of Custody Form.

More than one sample?

We only need one ARF per batch of samples.  Please make your individual sample ID’s clear on the ARF (or a separate document) and sample containers.

Avoiding unnecessary delays and problems

By taking care to follow the steps outlined below, you can avoid unnecessary delays and problems in the handling of your samples:

  • Reference quotation or pricing confirmation numbers on the ARF, if applicable.
  • Provide enough sample to do your requested testing.  This link contains sample masses for many common tests we perform, otherwise please contact us by email or call toll free at 877-449-8797.
  • Send a representative sample, especially for non-homogenous samples.
  • Specify whether samples may be ground or dried (when applicable).

Be sure to give approximate percentage values for the elements requested, identify any interfering elements, and specify detection limits required. Choice of optimal method and approximate sample size depend on this information. If repeat analyses are required due to lack of information, extra charges will apply. When desired, please specifically request trace analyses, as different sample sizes, procedures, and pricing may apply.