Raw Data Services

Raw Data Copies

All raw data, such as data sheets, log books, instrument print outs, instrument software electronic data and other raw data are the property of Galbraith Laboratories.  If desired, certified copies of raw data can be provided for a fee.  Arrangements to receive the copies can be made when the sample is submitted (i.e. on the Analytical Request Form) or can be added after the sample analysis is conducted.

Raw data is provided on the same turnaround time that was requested for the analysis.  For example, if you submitted your analysis using our regular 10-day service, raw data copies are provided within 10 business days after the report is sent.

Please contact us if you have questions or to request copies of raw data.  If requesting raw data, please make sure to provide the lab ID or Report ID.

Raw Data Archival

On completion of the analysis, Galbraith Laboratories archives all raw data specific to an analytical batch. Log books are archived at a later date.  These records are maintained for a minimum of 10 years or the minimum amount of time statutorily required.  Data generated in support of GLP and GMP studies is retained indefinitely.