Titrations Overview

Volumetric tests (titrations) are a category of test in which known volumes of a standardized solution are added incrementally to an unknown solution in order to determine the concentration of an active component(s) in the unknown sample.


Methods may be provided by internal methods, pharmacopoeial monographs, USP <541> or other accepted methods.  Click here to view the USP website (login required)


We can provide manual or automated titrations to an indicator or potentiometric endpoint.


Results are reported as the percentage of the active (analyte) in the sample (wt/wt basis).

Example Titration Tests

Common titrations we perform include:

  • Assays (such as ASTM, ACS, USP, EP, JP, FCC, etc)
  • Acid/Base
  • Redox (especially against iodine)
  • Complexometric (Chelatometry)
  • Non-aqueous