Analytical Departments

Analytical departments at Galbraith Laboratories are arranged based on the general technology or class of elements analyzed in the department:

Metals: Employs various techniques to measure Group I Metals, Group II Metals, Transition Metals, Metalloids (such as boron, silicon, germanium, etc.) and some Non-Metal elements (such as sulfur and iodine).

Wet Chemistry: USP classic chemical tests, volumetric tests (titrations), gravimetric tests, qualitative analyses, Kjeldahl nitrogen, distillations, pH/mV measurements and others.

CHNOS: Employs various instrumental techniques to determine Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur and trace halogens (commonly referred to as elemental analysis).  This department also conducts physical property testing and Karl Fischer Water analyses.

Chromatography: Employs HPLC, GC and IC instrumental techniques to measure organics and inorganics that are readily analyzed by chromatographic means.