Wet Chemistry

Our Wet Chemistry Department performs a wide range of classical and instrumental methods developed either internally or by nationally recognized standards organizations such as USP, ASTM or Standard Methods.  Tests performed in this department fall into the following general categories:
  1. Monograph Tests: USP, EP or JP monographs.
  2. Identification Tests: Tests meant to verify the identity of official articles.
  3. Qualitative and Limit Tests: Tests that provide an assessment of concentration in terms of the allowable limit.
  4. Volumetric Tests: Tests in which a sample solution is titrated against a solution with a known concentration to give the concentration of the analyte.
  5. Gravimetric Tests: Tests in which the final result is based on the weight of the sample, sample residue, or substance isolated from the original sample.
  6. Visual Tests: Tests that rely on visual observation of physical properties to provide the result.
  7. Kjeldahl Nitrogen: Test to quantify nitrogen.
  8. Other Tests: pH, conductivity